Green Tea Premium
Green Tea Premium

Green Tea Premium

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Green Tea Premium

Our green tea premium contains only hand-picked tea processed gently to bring out the natural flavor. It is simple, not too grassy, and not harsh- this makes it smooth and easy to drink to assist metabolism, support energy levels, and promote weight loss.

It contains the green tea (260mg) and a proprietary blend(1040mg), including Green coffee bean (50% extract), Raspberry ketone (98% extract), Caffeine Anhydrous, and Garcinia Cambogia (50% extract). The inactive ingredients include Cellulose (Vegetable capsule).

The green tea is passed through processing stages of streaming, rolling, and firing of the leaves, which helps to retain the polyphenols, specifically catechins which offers lots of health benefits to the body

The following are the benefits you can derive from taking this dietary supplement:

Improved cholesterol level

The anti-inflammatory compounds present in the Green tea Premium helps to limit the absorption of cholesterol in the body. So by taking two veggie capsules, one per day, you will have a balanced cholesterol level.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular diseases

The polyphenols present in the Green tea premium helps to prevent the thickening of the artery walls, thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular complications.

Weight loss

The catechins present in our dietary supplement helps to increase metabolic function and decrease body weight. So when you take this tea 20-30 minutes before your meal, it helps to boost your metabolism and promote fat burning.

Improved cognitive function

The catechins in the green tea help aid in increasing brain cell production during the day, thereby improving cognitive function.  As you take this dietary supplement, you begin to experience an improvement in the part of your brain that controls short and long term memory.

Reduced stress

The Green tea premium relaxes your mind and reduces stress levelS. The steeping stage also encourages a sip-by-sip lifestyle,which calms your body system.

You can take 2 veggie capsules once a day before your meal with an 80oz- glass of water. However, ensure you consult your doctor before you start taking this dietary supplement, especially if you have any medical condition.


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